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Here’s a handy site to add to your feeds collection:

iOS Dev Tools

iOS Dev Tools is a list showcasing the greatest iOS development tools, including websites, desktop and mobile apps, and back-end services. I’ve tried to group the tools into logical categories and will mark any newly added tools as NEW.

Think most everything there of great interest we’ve bothered mentioning at some point over the years — with the notable exception of the ‘Networking and APIs’ section, have to check those out sometime —but it certainly is nice to have them all nicely curated in one place!

While we’re on the subject, here’s a recentish list along the same lines:

75 Essential Tools for iOS Developers

and here’s another:

My Ultimate Developer and Power Users Tool List for OS X (2013 Edition)

The only real comment we have here is, where the @)(#$&!! are the translation/localization helpers? Yes, we’re thinking in particular of that poor sad orphan which has been THE. MOST. AWESOME. EVAR. at making our multilingual duties much less effort and far more correct, but none at all? Really?

Any-ways, check those out in case there is something you missed.

And here’s a last one to throw in here, as hey managing a website is a fairly common aspect of iOS development too, right?

Inside BraveNewCode.com: Some Tools We Use

I was going through our own administration panel here at BraveNewCode today and thought it would be interesting to share our set-up with other people. Our WordPress website isn’t just a blog, it’s also a full-featured eCommerce store, support centre and product licensing/upgrade server. To turn a normal WordPress website into one that can handle all of that takes quite a few tweaks, external services, and WordPress plugins.

Here is a list of all the tools we use here at BraveNewCode.com – from hosting, to sales, to support…

By the way, in case you didn’t know, the best way to get your WordPress site mobile painlessly is BraveNewCode’s


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