About UIView content mode (UIViewContentMode)

From the documentation:

The content mode specifies how the cached bitmap of the view’s layer is adjusted when the view’s bounds change.

  • For an image view, this is talking about the image.
  • For a view that draws its content, this is talking about the drawn content. It does not affect the layout of subviews.


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iOS Dev Tools List

FROM: http://www.alexcurylo.com/blog/2013/11/17/ios-dev-tools-list/

Here’s a handy site to add to your feeds collection:

iOS Dev Tools

iOS Dev Tools is a list showcasing the greatest iOS development tools, including websites, desktop and mobile apps, and back-end services. I’ve tried to group the tools into logical categories and will mark any newly added tools as NEW.

Think most everything there of great interest we’ve bothered mentioning at some point over the years — with the notable exception of the ‘Networking and APIs’ section, have to check those out sometime —but it certainly is nice to have them all nicely curated in one place!

While we’re on the subject, here’s a recentish list along the same lines:

75 Essential Tools for iOS Developers

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NSDateFormatter formatting


Ever wonder just what you could put in NSDateFormatter format strings? Enough to actually go to the trouble of actually dumping specifiers and results? Nah, us neither. But somebody did, and here’s what they found:

a: AM/PM
A: 0~86399999 (Millisecond of Day)
c/cc: 1~7 (Day of Week)
ccc: Sun/Mon/Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat
cccc: Sunday/Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
d: 1~31 (0 padded Day of Month)
D: 1~366 (0 padded Day of Year)

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Permanently configuring LLDB not to stop on signals

In case anyone else ever has this question, I finally solved it by adding a breakpoint in NSApplicationMain() (for plain C programs, main() would of course work as well).

I set the breakpoint action to process handle SIGUSR2 -n true -p true -s false , and enabled the "Automatically continue after evaluating" option.

Xcode 4 Breakpoint Screenshot

If anyone has a more elegant solution, I'd be happy to hear.


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